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The Modern Art Matryoshka!

This is the modern artists Matryoshka I painted.

Hi, the image above is Russian Matryoshka I painted before. I really love Matryoshka! I’ve collected them. I just thought what’s gonna be like  if there is a modern art Matryoshka! So, I made it! Each one represents a famous painter such as Picasso and Gogh. There is one not famous among them? LOL

Sending their full “Twin-Power” to JAPAN!

"Twin-Power, Prayer for Japan", March 26, 2011

On March 26th, a month ago, I finished a mini art piece.  It is another “Twin-Power” from KoNoHoShi Series. Two little characters; Chibi and E.L.L. are sending their power to my home country.

It is 6 weeks past from the disaster, but the situation around Fukushima seems even more terrible to me. That’s why I post this little work here. For people who lost their families and friends , I wish to send some power via this. I hope…

Sending their Full Power to Japan!!


Prayer for Japan

We just opened Chiezo blog! We will update the latest news and info about Chiezo here on this blog.

My first post is a prayer for Japan.

I knew the quake disaster right after we came back from NY exhibition. Our families and friends in Japan are safe now. So many people worry about our families and us. We thank all of you very much for your kindness and friendship. I strongly believe people in Japan will overcome this tragedy and smile back to you soon!


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