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“Love for Japan from US”

My friend and Taiwanese artist in NY, Chin Chih Yang 0_0 had his interactive performance called “Love for Japan from US”;  “Amor para Japón de US” on 3/26. He prepared 100 heart-shaped memorials for the performance. They are “a symbol of the people still missing after the earthquake. Each memorial is an emblem of our solidarity with Japan and its people.”

By the way, 3/26 was my birthday!  I feel x_x…. I feel very very hot hearts from amigos en el mundo!!

Thank you Chin Chih Yang and people in NY!&ーMany Many Many Friends!! — Mega-Giga-Tera—-Thanks!!  Gracias!A-RI-GA-TO-U!!

We Have Many Ultra friends!! in The world!! We have Very very Happy! really!!

I will never forget this!  <(^.^)>


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